Monday, December 10, 2012

Stud Muffin

Top and rings: NastyGal // knit shorts: LF // tights: random // boots: Urban Outfitters // bracelet: Urban Outfitters // nail polish: Sephora "S-age is Just a Number"

You know what I do a lot without even noticing it? Shoulder dance. So much so that people point it out. I'm tellin' you, they've got a mind of their own.

And you know what my sister and I get from our dad that makes us feel like linebackers sometimes? That's right, broad shoulders. So it only makes sense that I give that body part some love with this shoulderless blouse. I like that the cut-outs balance out the high-cut, covered up collar area and that the collar embellishment takes the place of a necklace and lights up the face.

However, the studs on the collar are a little Texas-y, no? I can imagine it paired with big hair; tight, high-waisted jeans; and cowboy boots for a very Selena look. I love Selena! But I'm not trying to look like her circa 1993. :) Hence pairing it with sweater-shorts and tights!

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