Friday, February 3, 2012

Why Did I Have to Fall in Love With....

... a $50 hand cream? 

For the past three nights, I've lazily hit up the salad bar at Whole Foods for dinner, and on the middle night I found myself perusing the extensive natural skin care section abounding with samples. Don't mind if I do generously spray my face with this balancing facial mist... or dab my undereyes with this green apple eye cream.

Amidst the organic overload, I discovered Jurlique Rose Hand Cream, the holy grail of hand creams. It doesn't smell synthetic or feel stripping like some heavily scented lotions. Rather, it makes your hands super soft, absorbs without greasiness, and smells amazing (in a natural way).

The cashier even commented on the "refreshing" scent that wafted his way when I walked up. I think I like it because it smells like one of my favorite things in the world: rose ice cream. 

Yes, I do buy it by the carton-full sometimes. It's that good. It's from Saffron and Rose Ice Cream on Westwood. Definitely doing a post on that sometime soon. 

Anyway, Jurlique is a rose-centric line that has become known for their aforementioned balancing facial mist which is on my wishlist as well. 

The smaller, 1.4 tube of the hand cream is only $25, which is a little more doable.

What indulgences are on your wishlist?