Sunday, October 21, 2012

SLO to Warm Up

Cardigan: Emma and Sam, Velvet pants: Forever 21, Boots: Forever21, Scarf: Urban Outfitters.

This weekend I went to San Luis Obispo to be a bridesmaid in my best (guy) friend's wedding. These pictures were taken on the adorable streets of downtown SLO, the day after I'd washed all the hairspray out of my hair, nursed my dancing feet back to life, and recovered from a sugar hangover of the wedding cake variety.
The crisp ocean weather provided the perfect opportunity to sport my new ombre scarf and get down to business with fall colors. I've been in love with hunter green since last fall and now I've finally integrated it into my wardrobe with these new velvet skinnies from Forever21. Say what you will about Forever's quality, but their pants fit my shortie self like a glove! And they're so comfy in the slightly loose kind of way; I'd even go so far as to say they're a candidate for Thanksgiving!

I picked up the weekly paper while I was there and read a really clever opinion piece on why hipsters may not be so bad after all. Check it out if you need to explain to your parents for the fifth time what a hipster is (No Mom, it's not a 'hip-hop person'), or if you, a hipster yourself, need some validation after being constantly douche-ified.

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  1. That skip in the air is so you, ever since you were a kid, you remained a kid with a beautiful adult mind.