Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Gwyneth's Ivy Chopped Salad

With summer coming to a close (dramatically clenches air while exclaiming 'noooo!'), I figured I might as well make one of my favorite summer salad recipes. You might see a lot of those on here. Like I mentioned in this  Five Things post, I can't get enough freaking salad.

This recipe from Gwyneth Paltrow is so tasty and flavorful it tastes like a restaurant dish. Maybe that's because it sort of is. Gwyneth derived her own version from the famous grilled vegetable salad at The Ivy restaurant in Los Angeles. Grilling the vegetables and salmon fillets take a little more time than usual for a salad, but it creates the incredible taste that sets it apart from the rest. I made mine with wasabi arugula instead of butter lettuce, which gives it a little extra kick.

It's made with all summer vegetables so make this salad while they're still in season!


  1. You? Wasabi arugula? Thought that would be too spicy for you. Sounds delicious!