Sunday, September 2, 2012

Napa Lady Day

Yesterday was one of those perfect days that left us without a "low" to speak of when at the end of the day we went around sharing our highs and lows of the trip. Our itinerary, organized by my Napa pro sister, Michelle, was a non-stop relax-athon full of pinot, greasy-good diner food, perfect weather, and general girly debauchery. Classy debauchery. 'Cause it's Napa, y'all. We's ever so classy.

I was tempted to wear white as an homage to the saying, "no white after Labor Day," but instead I opted for a springy pink ensemble so bright and sunny that it aggressively resisted any sort of transition into a fall wardrobe. I liked to think I was scaring fall away with my blindingly pink shorts. Viva summer!

Sheer blouse: LF, shorts: Anthropologie, Sunset sandal: Madewell.

If you take a trip to the Napa/Sonoma Valley, feel free to steal our schedule:

1. Oxbow Market: This indoor mecca of artisinal goods and counter-service restaurants is a great place to start your day to stock up on cheese and grapes and grab a coffee at Ritual. It also serves as a great meeting place if you're meeting other bay area buddies for the day.
2. Scribe Winery: Book a reservation at the hilltop picnic tables or bring your own blanket to sit on while overlooking the linear stretch of grapevines and palm trees. Pet the dog, marvel at the rustic decor upstairs, and swing on the adorable tree swing for a shameless photo-opp.
3. Fremont Diner: Lounge on the turquoise tables, attempt to pet the stray wiener dog (he'll accept food but not pats on the head), and get the burger with a side of baked beans.
4. Bocce ball at The Carneros Inn: We were pretty sure we were the rowdiest bocce ball players ever to grace the courts of this peaceful hotel, but no one shushed us, so go ahead, have a ball. Oh yeah, and you should still have a glass of wine in your hand at this point. Bocce ball's totally a one-handed sport. We chose rosé for this activity.
5. Dinner at Redd Wood: Order the summer vegetable salad and the ricotta-corn-bacon pizza. Or the margherita pizza. You can never go wrong with that.

Sometimes the populations of certain neighborhoods are so stylish or distinctive that the whole scene looks like it was ripped from the pages of a catalog. So Gina and I were brainstorming which catalog the people of Napa belonged, and we settled on a fictitious collaboration between J. Crew and North Face. Except for the occasional pair of stuffy chino shorts, people were pretty on top of their fashion game.

The hilltop landscape at Scribe.


Bright denim and taupe wedges: we're sisters through and through.

"So spicy it'll set a cheatin' man straight."

Team photo.

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