Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Etymology of Babesicle

Oh boy. I discovered the meaning of "babesicle" as defined by Urban Dictionary:

1. Babesicle

An extremely good-looking female usually with blonde hair (although occasionally strawberry blondette) and blue eyes. In certain rare cases, she may also have a very unique and wildly attractive personality that could make an old man cry. Beauty and brains applicable. Most male callers will find that they cannot keep up with a Babesicle, as her fiery temper and lightning wit may be intimidating. Most, but not all.

Babesicles can be sexily dangerous! If you've no or little experience please remain calm, and vacate the premises! Nerds are at risk for a low eye-contact situation.

"Dude... she's a Babesicle!"

I'm not blonde or strawberry blonde for that matter, and let me assure you that I didn't choose the name because I consider myself to be "extremely good-looking." Babesicle is just a pet name my ex and I used to call each other. When you're in a relationship, the standard terms of endearment such as "babe" get old real fast. So we started generating new ones, each of them zanier and more outlandish than the last. Among the names he came up with for me were: Cutes Vandocious (which I made him spell "Cyootz"), Baby Baberson, Sexy Mexi, Cuteness Overload, (C.O. for short -- he was CO2, get it?)..... the list goes on. But Babesicle stuck, so much so that we gave it a little twist by pronouncing it phonetically like, baw-beh-see-clay. Nerdy-ass English majors. How about you guys? Any crazy, or just revoltingly cutesy pet names you're brave enough to share?

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