Saturday, July 21, 2012

Stuff Numbering More Than Four and Less Than Six (Five Things)

Okay, okay, you caught me. I'm doing a Five Things post. I know everyone and their mother has a such a segment, but I suppose there's a good reason for that, namely that it allows you to mishmash a handful of random things that have one thing in common: they make you happy. In this hyper-curational day and age, it can be easy to try to wrench out a common theme that isn't necessarily there. So it's nice to have the freedom to throw your hands up as if to say, "I just like these things, okay? I like them, and they are going to share this space and get to know each other." I mean, haven't you said those exact words before? :)

Here are five things that I think share the awesome gene:

 1. Keel's Simple Diary

I chose orange, but they have a rainbow of colors to choose from.

Keel's Simple Diary prompts you to describe your day in an abstract way by asking you to encapsulate it in one word. They give you three choices, for example:

Your day was (only choose one):
( ) an intermission.   ( ) transparent.   ( ) unorthodox.

There are also all sorts of kooky true-false statements and interpretive sketches that aim to get at the core of your beliefs and personality.

2. New music

Stoked about my new purchases from Phono Select.

My car is a hooptie. Not a blatant hooptie, as you may not be able to tell from the outside. But don't be fooled, it's a hooptie in disguise. I've found a way to coexist somewhat peacefully with the duct-taped glove compartment, finicky air conditioning, and defective side mirror. But one thing that has managed to bum me out and inconvenience the hell out of my music-listening game is the fact that one day, out of the blue, the buttons on my CD stereo fell completely unresponsive. Basically all I can do is change CDs, forcing me to listen to CDs the whole way through, without any of that ADD-ish switching of tracks. This makes finding a solid start-to-finish CD crucial. That means no snooze-fest songs to interrupt my car-dancing groove sessions. That's why I was so excited when I found a five-track Parliament Phunkadelic CD, which is as far from a snooze-fest as you can get.

I also found a Miss You Much single from Miss-Jackson-If-You're-Nasty. This will come in handy when I eventually get a record player. Man, fixing my stereo, purchasing a record player - my music to-do list is getting pretty crowded!

3. Broadacre Coffee's Lavender Latte

 A purist might argue that a shot of espresso and milk makes the best latte, but sometimes a little something extra, like Broadacre's house-made lavender syrup, sends it over the edge. The coffee house also boasts an eclectic playlist. 

4. Snakeskin Print

Snakeskin in a neutral print pairs well with almost anything.

These green-eyed loves from Madewell are on my lust list.

5. Pinkberry's Strawberry Flavor

New favorite combo: strawberry flavor with milk chocolate crunch, strawberries, and a wafer.

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