Thursday, July 19, 2012

A House in the Hills

A girl's first apartment is special. And I'm not talking college. College apartments are also special, but in more of a finding-your-furniture-on-the-street kind of way. (Literally on the street. Have you ever cruised through UCLA's Westwood neighborhood? You could stock a whole IKEA with all the curbside junk. Not that I'm complaining.)

My first non-college apartment was in the artsy, Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles, aka Hipstertown, USA. My "house in the hills" was actually a tiny one bedroom apartment that my roommate had converted into a two bedroom by refashioning the living room into a bedroom for herself. I lived in the actual bedroom. Such is life for a single lady in the city. But I loved it in all its tiny, overpriced, gentrified glory -- particularly the rooftop view and it being spitting distance from boutiques and restaurants.

I also loved decorating it with shabby chic, thrifted items and colorful accents. I lived there for almost two years until my move back to Sacramento a couple months ago, and although I've loved being close to my family again, I do miss my charming little space in Silverlake! Here's a peak inside....

My number one criteria for an apartment: good light.

Reading nook.

Postcards I bought years ago in Venice, Italy.

I kept my favorite books in my nightstand/bookcase. For easy, pre-slumber grabbing.

An inspiration board is always a good mood-lifter. Especially when it includes photo booth pics.

My lovely bedspread.

My favorite comment from a guest regarding the above photograph of Frida Kahlo has to be, "Is that your mom?"

Coffee table books, books from college, and just plain favorite books (Naked by David Sedaris).

Rooftop view of Downtown LA on a smoggy evening.

Rooftop view to the other side. The Hollywood sign could be seen through the trees during the day.

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  1. That's a great view of Los Angeles, also I like how your bedspread matches your photo frames. Looks like you made the most out of that space