Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sundress in November

Dress: LF // cardigan: H&M // coat: Madewell // tights: random // boots: Steve Madden

By adding dark tights and wintery layers, I transformed my favorite summer dress into a fall-worthy jumper. Woot woot! I like the idea of wearing a dress even when it's raining. As long as you have tights, you can make almost anything work! This pair, however, sprouted a hole midday. Yikes, the Courtney Love look is not right for this outfit. Oh well. :)

Here's a tip: wear longer sweaters and jackets (as opposed to cropped) with dresses for a balanced, more casual look. Since you're showing less of the dress, it's not taking center stage or making the outfit look too dressy. Plus, it's warmer!


  1. Would you call this a rain dress, then? I like the shots in the dark; cool contrast