Monday, November 26, 2012

Stars, Hearts, and Sequins

Sequin dress: Arden B // cardigan: Madewell //shoes: Clarks // socks: Madewell // necklace: Cuffs // bracelet: Urban Outfitters //earrings: gift

What do you know, I didn't realize the graffiti on the mailbox said "babe" until I looked at these pictures! What a wonderful coincidence.

Holiday season style can be pretty predictable with its sequins and metallics that resurface every winter, but I'm not exactly complaining -- sequins are fun! But how to wear them during the day.....that can be a challenge. Enter taupe! Ugh, what a horrible word. Oatmeal? Enter oatmeal! I wore these oatmeal shoes and cardi to dial down the cocktail party vibe. Beige-y shades have a tendency to feel much more cazsh and day-time.

Cyber Monday turned out to be as uneventful for me as Black Friday. I made zero purchases! Not that I didn't peruse the interwebs of e-commerce sites. Come on, I'm always perusing. But nothing stood out to me to actually buy, which made me proud that I didn't bust out my wallet just because something was on sale. How about you guys? Did you score any choice gifts for yourself or others?


  1. I LOVE that you wore sequins for day! Why not sparkle in the sunlight?! you did a great job of mixing it with some day-friendly texture though.

  2. Thanks, fellow Vanessa! I like that, "sparkle in the sunlight!"

  3. Yay! You got some photos up! Love the challenge you made for yourself :)