Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Plum Crush

Crop top: H&M // bralette underneath: Free People // skirt: vintage Betsy Johnson //socks and headband: Urban Outfitters // boots: Urban Outfitters

Yesterday the occasion of a special visit from my out-of-town friend coupled with good weather called for a scramble for a nice outdoor patio. We ended up at Hook & Ladder which turned out to have a fabulous patio! I love that kind of landscape design with a hodgepodge of succulents and herbs all over a wall.

I wore one of my favorite skirts that I feel never goes out of style because velvet is one of those fabrics that seems to make a comeback almost every fall. There's something about a prim skirt paired with a textured top that fits the bill for cocktail hour. I must say though, I was feeling very Carrie Bradshaw wearing this revealing of a bra top. Maybe if I was in New York City, I'd feel like hey, no big deal, yes, that is my bra, and yes it's supposed to be busting out. But here in little old Sacramento, I felt a little exposed. I guess I'll have to work on "owning it."

Speaking of New York, I can't wait till my birthday trip next week! I hope travel goes smoothly by then given the wrath of Hurricane Sandy!



  1. You've done Carrie proud! Keep up the posts! Sema

  2. So glad I found a new blog to follow! Are you local? I live right near this place...

    Colour Me Classic