Saturday, September 29, 2012

Making Shapes

Tank and skirt: Madewell, lace shorts: H&M, boots: Forever 21, sunglasses: Urban Outfitters, necklace: from Mexico.

When it comes to style points, mixing prints is pretty high up there. It's one of those going-against-the-rules rules that we all know, but it can be hard to put it into practice. In case you forgot, the going-against-the-rule rule goes something like this: mix patterns as much as you'd like, as long as they're in the same color family.

Patterns aside, this skirt has been pretty challenging to match -- up until this point, I just wore it with a boring ole black tee tucked into it. Cute, sure. Adventurous, hardly. So you can imagine my delight when this morning I held this striped tank (that's in the same color family, huh huh?) next to it -- it was an epiphany of Homeland finale proportions. (I've been in a Homeland marathon spiral these last couple weeks, and just finished the finale last night. Can you tell?). Throw in the triangular necklace and I was pretty pleased with myself!

I wore this outfit to my favorite brunch spot with my friend Arielle and her daughter. Afterward we walked to McKinley Park and played on their epic playground; I love easygoing Saturdays!

Getting photo bombed by little Charlotte.

What a cutie. I'm wearing a tiny white daisy she gave me in my hair.


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    1. I did! I'm pretty impressed with these inexpensive Forever 21 boots. :)