Thursday, July 26, 2012

Babesicle Make Pretty

Do you ever have that tug-of-war with yourself about when you should finally go in for a trim? One day you may look in the mirror and think, Ugh, I need a haircut. It's looking pretty haggard. But maybe the next day you style it differently and think, Huh, not that bad. Dare I say it even looks good. Plus I'm growing it out... And on and on until you're this close to legally changing your name to Scraggles Mcgee. I've recently been in the on-the-fence stage, but I decided to book the appointment anyway since I'll be visiting New York in a few days and I want to arrive "stunning and impossibly fresh-looking" (SATC quote).

I went to Emily at Deeda Make Pretty Salon which occupies a beautiful space on 34th St. in East Sacramento. It's a Bumble and Bumble salon and contains a mini boutique of Cuffs clothing inside. I have my eye on this dress they carry. I tried it on and it's sublime! The perfect, elegant LWD (or LCD since it's more cream than white). Anyway, I went in to get my ends freshened up and a nice shiny blowout and am happy to report that I emerged sans scraggles!

Before: Scraggles Mcgee.

After: Smoothie Mcgee.

Business card rainbow.

Chalk is an underrated medium.

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