Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thigh <-- High --> Waisted

Jacket: Madewell // shirt: H&M // shorts: LF // thigh highs: Urban Outfitters // shoes: Clarks

I'm all for any piece of clothing that enables me to wear my summer clothes (like these shorts) during the colder months, which is why I plan out getting some good mileage out of these thigh high socks. They're a good alternative to tights when I don't feel like getting my Zoey Deschanel on (read: she rocks a lot of tights).

My mom is definitely smiling somewhere because I'm wearing these Clarks booties. Clarks is sort of a mom-ish, sensible shoe brand, but in recent years they've geared toward making younger, trendier styles, and so I caved when I spotted these desert boots. You got me, Clarks! Your youth- designing and advertising worked on me!

So let's talk hair for a moment. I've been in search of a new texturizing/beach wave spray, because after running out of Bumble & Bumble's pricey Surf Spray, I realized I didn't want to re-purchase it because of how tangly it made my hair. In these pictures, I used Not Your Mother's  Beach Spray, a drugstore brand I'd read good things about, but I'm not convinced of its ability to.... do anything, really. It doesn't add texture or make it wavy, so do you guys have any good beach spray tips?


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