Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Birthday in New York

Sweatshirt: vintage from Cuffs // pants: Forever 21 // Boots: Forever 21 // scarf: Urban Outfitters

I had the best time in New York. Not only did I experience good weather and explore more than last time, I also got to see a bunch of my friends who either live there or came from neighboring areas to visit! Like my visit a few months back, I spent most of my time in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn where my babe lives. I did make my way into Manhattan once (on my actual birthday) to eat both lunch and dinner at Buvette, the French restaurant where my babe works, and he treated me to a facial and massage at a spa in the west village between meals! It was the best!

All of these pictures are with my friend Eryn at Smorgasburg food market and Brooklyn Flea Market, both of which are held in the same park on two different days, and are both photo-opp-tastic. We loved trying on all the different eyeglasses and eating a little bit of everything. I actually bought some new frames which I'll wear on here sometime soon (psst, they're not the ones pictured below, although I almost got those!). 

I finally get it in a firsthand way what people mean when they describe the difference between New York and Los Angeles style. Usually it's said that people dress up more in New York and that LA is more casual and hippie-ish. Hmm, I was about to explain it in a different way, but that pretty much sums it up! New York has more of a chic, expensive look, with lots of black and amazing shoes, while LA has a lighter feel with lovely, beat up vintage shoes. I don't know, I'm no expert, all I know is it was a feast for the eyes to people-watch in the fashion capitol of America.

Eryn, the Seattlite, has amazing style! Such an all-American chick.

Almost got these!

E is for Eryn!

The pink elephant in the (outdoor) room.

Photo dorks.


Wonderfully weird street art.

Blood orange glazed donut.

Trinkets blanketing everything.

I like that interpretation of the yin-yang.

I got a kick out of our similar outfits.

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  1. Now that you're living in Sacramento, you can compare NY and LA with your new-old town, too.