Sunday, August 19, 2012

One Sweet (Sun)day

Today I dressed in my Sunday best to attend the Banana Festival at Sacramento's Land Park. I love this sundress for its sweetness and pin up-esque collar. The frock has a tendency to look a little too saccharine though, so I tried to toughen it up a bit with a supergirl braid and the chain on my purse.

I was so looking forward to the Banana Festival, expecting it to be a foodie heaven of artisinal banana ice cream, banana popsicles, and exotic banana food I didn't even know existed.... But the reality was a bit disappointing. The most appetizing thing there was a chocolate-dipped banana. Delicious, sure, but predictable.

So with our minds intact (not blown like we wanted them) and our sweet tooth cravings left unsatisfied, my mom and I headed down the street to Vic's Ice Cream. The parlor has been there since 1947 and is as charming as it is delectable. While it's not quite as good as Leatherby's, it's quaint and smaller in square footage, servings, and price. All good things in my book. Since Leatherby's was my first job, I'm kind of an expert on its ice cream, so expect a review of that later!

Free Chiquita bananas!

Babesicle and Momsicle.
Banana varietals.

This lady was an expert pose artist.

Dress: LF, purse: Forever 21, shoes: Madewell, ring: Sugar Shack, sunglasses: Target, nail polish: Revlon Minted.

Small hot fudge sundae. Classic.

These purple and yellow flowers were just too perfect with my dress!


  1. i bought those sunglasses today after seeing them here. true story.
    can we make the whole world seafoam?

    1. I know, right? I love seafoam! I was told another color that befits them is "cyan."