Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bocce Ball Babes

Today I attended a festive dinner/bocce ball party at my oldest friend Eryn's house. We've been friends since we wore matching Gap overalls; that's how far back we go. She's in town from Seattle, which I'm dying to visit, but until then I'm happy to catch her on her brief visits home. The weather was cooler today so it seemed to me like a pants and tank top affair, and apparently Eryn had the same idea! Another one of my oldest friends attended as well which made for an all-around warm and fuzzy (and I'm not just talking about the effects of the bourbon!) celebration. 

I baked Joy the Baker's Brown Butter Banana Strawberry Bread for the occasion and it turned out marvelous! I wish I took a picture of the final product but trust me when I say it's a crowd pleaser. It's one of those rare baked goods that has fresh ingredients (strawberries and bananas) to make it healthier and more substantial (I may be kidding myself about the "healthier" bit as it does contain a load of butter).

I got creamed in bocce ball, ate figs off the tree, got turned onto an eclectic radio station (Seattle's KEXP), learned that in Kentucky they exaggerate the "h" in "whiskey" ("the 'h' may as well be bolded, italicized, and in comic sans font"), and learned that Eryn speaks an African dialect of French thanks to her experience in the Peace Corps. What a cultured lady.

On me: Alexa Chung x Madewell cords, Forever 21 tank, Madewell belt, Urban Outfitters bracelets, Francesca's necklace, Something Borrowed ear cuff, H&M oxfords. On Eryn: Anthropologie jeans, American Apparel tank, Aldo sandals.

On Michelle: thrifted top, J. Crew jeans, Dolce Vita sandals.


  1. I love both your outfits, especially the cords :-)

    1. Thanks! I love cords, especially in pastel colors. :)

  2. Such great lighting in these photos. Pretty!