Monday, January 30, 2012

(Style) Match Made in Heaven

In life, there are people in the public eye whose opinions, politics, sense of humor, or even palette you identify with and respect. You trust them and more often than not, you agree with them. Then there is your style match. Someone whose every style choice sets off a lady boner. Tonight I found her! She meets all my criteria for a style idol: 1) She, like me, just got bangs. 2) She keeps her outfits relatively simple and always with a little bit of edge. 3) She shares my coloring. 4) She lives in LA.

I know nothing about her career as an actress (I guess she's on that show, Revenge), but I stumbled across her fashion blog, which sent me into a link spiral of shoes and skirts, and rings, oh my! The reason being that she ever-so-kindly supplies the links to what she's wearing, and if it's sold out or mad expensive, she offers an alternative. My kinda lady! Without further ado... here is my new favorite blog to follow:


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